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Monday, January 27, 2014


Have you noticed that many pop culture icons arrive on the scene at a very young age being depicted as Christians, or coming from a Christian background? Then over a few years they evolve into worldly and anti-Christian superstars who become sexual provocateurs, even satanic. Miley Cyrus was presented as a sweet and vibrant young girl, Hannah Montana, that almost every parent wanted their little girls to watch and emulate. All those little girls have grown up following Hannah Montana and now they are easily sucked into becoming just like the grown up Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus.

Watch This 30 Minute Video On The Evolution Of Today's All-American Girl:

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  1. What is most disturbing is that these young girls are most likely under mind-control by their "handlers" at Disney who are owned by - you guessed it. Our culture has been masterfully set up to receive all this "Craziness" as normal fun! The days are upon us when good is evil, and evil is good.